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frequently asked questions

Do you operate Northern Lights Tours, airport transfers or Blue Lagoon tours?
We will operate the Northern Lights Horizon tour from August 25th 2018, and we offer airport transfers and Blue Lagoon transfers as a private tour.

Do you pick up and drop off at our accommodation and is there an extra charge?
We pick up and drop off at all accommodation as long as it is in or near to downtown Reykjavik.  This is done for free, there is no extra charge.  Let us know where you are staying and we can advise whether this is somewhere that we can pick up from.

Can you tell me exactly what time you will collect me from my accommodation
We try our best to complete our tour pickups within 30 minutes. It’s simply not possible to give you an exact time when we will be at your guesthouse or hotel, as sometimes our clients are still in their rooms or having breakfast or simply take 10 minutes to get their shoes and jackets on when we get there.  So this delays all of the other pickups.
Therefore, we ask that everyone be ready (with shoes on and jackets in hand) at the entrance of their accommodation at the start of the 30 minute pickup window.  This will avoid any delay and speed up our collection process.

How do we pay for our tour ?
You pay the tour through our website upon booking.

Is food included in the tours?
No food is included during the tour but you will be able to buy some lunch during the day.

What is the maximum number of passengers on your tours?
We only operate tours by minibus with a maximum 19 people

Do you ever need to cancel tours?
Our tours need a minimum of six people booked to operate, so there are rare occasions when we don’t reach minimum numbers.  Many people book late, so we keep the tours open until a couple of days before in the hope that we get some last minute bookings.  You are always welcome to contact us at any stage to check on the status of the tour you have booked.
During winter in Iceland, we can occasionally experience extreme and dangerous weather conditions. On these occasions, we do have to cancel the tours and sometimes the authorities close the roads.  We always have to think of safety before profit.  On a normal winter, we would expect these conditions on only 4 or 5 days

What is your cancellation policy
We reserve the right to charge in full for anyone who cancels less that 48 hours prior to the start of a tour or who doesn't show up for the tour.

Do your busses have access for wheelchairs?
Our busses don’t have access for wheelchairs as they are only operated by minibus.

Can we change the itinerary of your scheduled tours to include extra side excursions such as snowmobiling, stops for bathing, detours etc?
On our scheduled tours you will be joining a group of people from various hotels,  so we are not able to change the itinerary or add extra side excursions at the request of just one or two people on the tour.  The occasional request for an extra photo stop is acceptable. If you want to tailor-make the day, then the only option is for you to book a private tour.

Do you take bookings for private groups?
private tours can be arranged. Simply contact us with an enquiry and we can advise on cost and possibilities.  However, please note.  We would charge a total cost for a vehicle and guide for a private tour, so this does work out expensive for just two or three people.  A private tour usually only works out to be cost effective for you if you intend filling or almost filling the bus.