About Us

Our aim is to travel in a sustainable way, educate, learn and experience some thing new every day

What we are all about

Iceland Horizon is a creative and dynamic North Iceland tour operator with small group guarantee for all scheduled departures. We offer Day Tours, Private Tours and Activities from Akureyri and Lake Mývatn.

Iceland Horizon is built by people with passion for Iceland and travel. We believe that life should be an adventure, driven by the desire for knowledge and new experiences. All our tour guides are highly qualified and experienced local professionals, who know the land like the back of their hand and are storytellers at heart.

Our sister company GeoIceland in Reykjavík operates under the same manifesto. Iceland Horizon is the owner of Saga Travel operation and brands.

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Better together

The company follows an ecological and sustainable policy. Our tours have minimal impact on the environment and comunity; therefore those who come after us will also see the untouched wilderness. The goal of our tours is to give our guests a unique experience and at the same time to have a positive impact on the local community and also to support nature conservation work in the area.

Meet the team

Based in: Akureyri

Baldvin is the operations manager and the boss of Sagatravel.is


Baldvin Esra Einarsson

Based in: Akureyri

Hallur manages finances of Iceland Horizon.


Hallur Gunnarsson

Based in: Lake Mývatn

Anton is an experienced guide. He also owns and operates Geo Travel (geotravel.is).

Head of Operations

Anton Freyr Birgisson

Based in: Reykjavík

Sævar manages GeoIceland.is – our sister company in Reykjavík. He is also an experienced guide.

Operations manager

Sævar Þorleifsson

Based in: Akureyri

Þórður is a tour architect and an experienced guide of our tours.

Guide & Tour Expert

Þórður Hjálmarsson

Based in: Akureyri

Jowi is a photographer and a world traveler. Her life motto is: ‘Overcome evil with good’.

Customer service & Guide

Jowita Wasilewska

Based in: Akureyri

Aga is a photographer.
She works in the office.

Customer service

Aga Łuksza

Based in: Reykjavík

Haukur is an experienced guide of our tours.


Haukur Björnsson

Based in: Reykjavík

Völundur is an experienced guide of our tours.


Völundur Mímisson

Based in: Reykjavík

Anna is an experienced guide of our tours.


Anna Sigrún Bernharðsdóttir